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El Guapo Bitters

November has just begun, but we’re already gearing up for the holiday season! This month’s featured box, “Falling Slowly”, is inspired by the warm, comforting flavors of holiday desserts, and highlights flavors like cherry, chai, and pumpkin. With that inspiration in mind, we knew the Holiday Pie bitters from El Guapo would be the perfect addition cornerstone of this month’s recipes. 

Founded in New Orleans, the world’s cocktail capital, El Guapo has been creating unique, high-quality bitters, mixers, and syrups since 2017. The brand was built by Christa Cotton, who combined her passion for Southern flavors and her family’s long history in agriculture and distillation to elevate cocktail staples. In the past few years, they’ve earned themselves multiple prestigious awards, including the Southern Living Food Award and 6 Good Food Awards. 

El Guapo’s Holiday Pie bitters are a favorite for a reason. Bold notes of pumpkin, pecan, apple, and sweet potato bring a sense of holiday cheer, while complex aromatics round out the flavor and keep it from feeling overpoweringly sweet. The end result is like sipping fall in a glass, and feels right at home on any Thanksgiving menu. 

Order before Nov. 25th to get “Falling Slowly” as your first box!