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What’s inside the Garden Party?

What’s inside the Garden Party?

It’s the moment we’ve eagerly awaited all winter. The sun is shining, birds are chirping, and the world around us is bursting to life as the days grow longer. Spring has sprung, and we’re wholeheartedly embracing it with our Garden Party box. Now, let’s jump into the delicious ingredients that make this box a seasonal sensation. Our April selection brings together the vibrant flavors of fresh fruit with zesty lemon, complemented by the palate-awakening touch of lavender. We’ve assembled the perfect box to help you welcome the season, but with a refreshing twist for you to savor. Cheers to embracing spring in the most delicious way!

Lyre’s Classico

This month’s box offers two cans of Lyre’s Classico, a non-alcoholic spirit that captures the allure of sparkling wine as an aperitif. With refreshing notes of apple, peach, and lime, each sip offers a delightful blend of tartness and fruity richness, rounded off with a clean, palate-cleansing finish. Not only does Lyre’s deliver exceptional taste, but they also prioritize sustainability and social responsibility, offering a guilt-free, vegan-friendly alternative for those looking to drink less or abstain from alcohol.

All the Bitter Lavender Bitters

Crafted with organic lavender, chamomile, rose petals, and calming herbs like ashwagandha, skullcap, and passionflower, our bitters infuse a touch of tranquility into your day. Created by Michelin-star sommeliers Carly & Ian, who chose to forgo alcohol without sacrificing great taste, these bitters are meticulously crafted with organic and wild foraged ingredients. Handmade with raw botanicals and free from added flavors, extracts, essences, sugar, colors, preservatives, and GMOs, they offer a pure and natural flavor experience. Wondering how to enjoy the rest of your bottle beyond this month’s box? Experiment with it in your next gin and tonic, blend it with club soda and lemon for a refreshing seltzer, or elevate your evening by adding it to chamomile tea for a soothing nightcap!

Aura Bora Lavender Cucumber

Ever wonder what it’s like to sip on a flower? Well, Aura Bora has you covered. Experience the soft, floral embrace of lavender, complemented by the cool and ultra-hydrating essence of cucumber—a soothing journey to the spa in every sip. Their values reflect a commitment to purity, emphasizing clean water, real herbal extracts, and no added sweeteners or citric acid. Additionally, they prioritize sustainability by packaging their products in infinitely recyclable aluminum, ensuring a mindful and eco-friendly drinking experience.

Sauvie Shrub Strawberry & Rose Shrub

Elevate your cocktails and non-alcoholic beverages with Sauvie Shrubs’ Strawberry & Rose Shrub. This handcrafted, twice-fermented concentrate features fiercely sweet, deep red Sauvie Island Hood strawberries and delicate rose water, creating a drink that can be savored all year round. Founded on Sauvie Island, Oregon, Sauvie Shrubs crafts its drinking vinegars with a commitment to sustainability. Made from organic, raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother, these Shrubs offer extra probiotics and versatile uses beyond cocktails. Inspired by the island’s rich heritage and symbolized by the iconic Sandhill Crane logo, Sauvie Shrubs embodies a love for the land.

Pentire Coastal Spritz

This month’s RTD option features a familiar favorite: Pentire! We’re savoring their Coastal Spritz, infused with notes of blood orange, sea rosemary, and oakwood. These pre-mixed drinks are 100% plant-based, low-calorie, and alcohol-free, designed for on-the-go enjoyment, making them perfect for active, outdoor-loving individuals—ideal for spring! Founded on a love for coastal living in North Cornwall, Pentire celebrates the unique plant life of the surrounding headlands. For the perfect serve, pour over ice and garnish with a lemon twist.

This month’s box also features lavender picks from Sacred Plant Co, vibrant coasters from One & Only, and a refreshing lemon soda from A’Siciliana, crafted with fresh lemons from the coasts of Sicily.

We wanted to leave you with a hot tip on how to elevate your drinks this month: fill an ice cube tray with dried edible flowers, cover with water, and freeze. Add these floral ice cubes to your Garden Party or Pentire Coastal Spritz for a stunning finishing touch. We’re so excited to share this curated experience with you! Subscribe now to receive the Garden Party box at your doorstep.