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Anatomy of an RTB Drink

Raising the Bar was founded out of a love for mixed drinks, so as you can imagine, a lot of thought goes into coming up with our signature recipes each month. Curious how we craft these cocktails? Allow us to break it down for you. 

Each box is designed around a seasonal theme. We want to take into account where people will be enjoying these drinks, and what kind of mood we can help cultivate for them. This summer, we’ve been all about fresh tropical and floral flavors, perfect for sipping as you enjoy the sunshine. Now as we near fall, we’re thinking about warm, comforting spices that will match the changing season. 

Once we’ve decided on a theme, it’s time to pick a base for our cocktail. The great thing about zero-proof cocktails is that we’re not bound to specific ingredients. So while we can include delicious alcohol alternatives like Wilderton botanicals or Jøuys wine, we also have the freedom to explore other options that don’t traditionally feature in cocktails, such as teas, seltzers, and shrubs. 

From there, we begin experimenting with modifiers. These are additional elements that can be added to compliment or contrast the base ingredient, coming together to create a full-bodied and unique cocktail. Classic modifiers include citrus juice, bitters, and sugar. We like to introduce natural fruit syrups and jams that bring in fresh flavors while still providing that hint of sweetness. A lifetime of cocktail experience and a genuine love for crafting exciting new drinks goes into this process. Sometimes, it can take a lot of trial and error before we finally discover the perfect combination. But once we have our recipe perfected, there’s only one step left. 

The garnish is the cherry on top of a cocktail (sometimes literally!). It ties the whole recipe together and elevates the drink into something truly special, meant to be enjoyed instead of just consumed. Some of our favorite garnishes include fresh berries, dried fruits, and cocktail umbrellas! 

Each Raising the Bar box comes with ingredients for 4 different zero-proof cocktails. We hope that you’ll enjoy the experience of crafting these drinks just as much as we did.