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Raising the Bar was founded on one simple belief:

Everyone deserves a good drink.


When Abbie quit drinking alcohol, the limited options for elevated non-alcoholic beverages sparked an idea – to inspire others to explore the world of zero-proof mixology through a curated selection of sophisticated ingredients, recipes and tools.

We’ve taken the guesswork out of the zero-proof landscape to bring you thoughtfully curated ingredients each month, empowering you to craft elevated cocktails with confidence. With Raising the Bar, everyone has a seat at the table (and a great drink in hand).


Abbie & Devin Romanul

We’re here in celebration of
alcohol-free connection.


Whether you’re going alcohol-free for a night or a lifetime, we’ve got you covered. No judgment. No questions. Just great drinks.


Celebrating any occasion with a good drink in hand is a bonding experience. We’re building a community of people who value connection, taste and creativity.

Redefining Happy Hour

Happy hour has always been a time to unwind and connect. Why not treat yourself with a cocktail that allows you to fully savor the moment and feel great the next day?

We’re redefining happy hour.

Same time. Same vibe. The difference is zero.

Happy Hour — Happier Customers.

We've been featured in:

'Mixology without the alcohol'

“It’s exciting to be part of a community of people starting to lose the shame and guilt surrounding the decision not to drink."

Romanul says she’s hoping her success is part of a broader change in the relationship to alcohol—from the sober curious movement to erasing the stigma around total sobriety.

Chronicle 5 WCBv highlights Raising the Bar, a zero-proof cocktail experience.

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