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Why we love RTD (ready-to-drink) options!

It’s no secret around here that we love the creativity and fun of mixing up interesting zero-proof cocktails and experimenting with new flavors and ingredients. But sometimes, I just want something delicious and ready to go – whether it’s for entertaining to keep things simple or to have something special and elevated on a weeknight when I am trying to get dinner on the table. Here are my five favorite ready to drink (“RTD”) beverages that I always have on hand for company or just to enjoy myself!

1)      Jøyus non-alcoholic wines 

Finding an elevated beverage to celebrate with can be challenging when you’re abstaining from alcohol, especially when you’re looking for something truly sophisticated. When I want to celebrate something special, I gravitate toward the Jøyus non-alcoholic sparkling wines.

Jøyus not only tastes like wine, but great wine, befitting celebrations as monumental as a wedding or as everyday as hitting zero in your inbox. 

2)      Casamara Club sodas

Casamara Club Leisure Sodas were created out of a desire for more fun, complex zero-proof drinks. Reminiscent of all the great beverages you’ve had on vacation, Casamara Club creates beverages just as playful and thoughtfully made as any great wine, beer, or spirit.

While the term “soda” makes me think “sweet”, these sodas are bitter and complex – much more grown up and interesting than a typical soda. They can be enjoyed on their own and are also great as a mixer.

3)      Mingle Mocktails 

Mingle founder Laura Taylor created Mingle after she cut drinking out of her own life, crafted for anyone who is giving up drinking for the night, week or as a lifestyle choice but still wants to feel included and a part of the occasion. Mingle has a range of flavors available both in cans and bottles, so you can enjoy that perfect single serve or pop open a bottle to share with friends!

4)      Ghia Spritz 

Ghia was born out of the idea that a drink doesn’t have to mean numbing out – it should be about being together. Connecting. Letting loose. Laughing. Savoring great music and even better friends. Ghia recently launched their Spritz line of delightful little cans that pack the perfect bitter punch and sparkle – great to drink out of the can or mix into a cocktail!

5)      Athletic Brewing beers

As someone who loved a good craft beer, Athletic was a lifeline when I craved something bitter & hoppy unlike a lot of the bland, lifeless alcohol-free beers on the market. They’ve come out with some incredible flavors over the years, but the Run Wild IPA will forever be my favorite.

What are your favorite ready to drink options – we’d love to hear ‘em!

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