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Blackberry Beret – What’s in the Box?

Our June box, the Blackberry Beret, is the perfect suite of drinks to kickstart the summer. For each drink featured in this box, we’ve combined the bright, sweet notes of summer fruits like blackberry and orange with sophisticated flavors from earl grey tea and non-alcoholic sparkling wine. They come together to create drinks that are perfect for a night in, or a fresh-tasting cocktail at your next patio party!

Our featured ingredient this month is a bottle of Jøyus Non-Alcoholic Sparkling Wine. Through some incredible feats of food science, Jøyus manages to taste like the best glass of sparkling wine you’ve ever sipped, without any of the alcohol. Each bottle is packed full of notes of crisp green apple and fragrant fall pear with a ripe melon finish – and there’s nothing like popping a cork to put you in the mood for celebration. 

We also include Stash decaffeinated Earl Grey Black Tea. Earl Grey tea gets its distinctive floral flavor from bergamot, a Mediterranean citrus fruit with a subtle, orange-like taste. It pairs beautifully with our next ingredient!

The Woodstove Kitchen Blackberry & Sage Mixer adds a refreshing kick to our recipes, with a complex flavor that’s simultaneously sweet and herbal. The end result tastes like fresh blackberries picked right off the bush. 

Rounding out the box is this month’s garnish, dried clementine wheels from Dardimans California. Unlike classic California oranges, the clementine has a much sweeter flavor because of its high concentration of natural sugars, and the colorful wheels look gorgeous decorating the rim of a cocktail. 

This box features FOUR recipes to make the most out of these ingredients – you won’t want to miss it.