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What’s inside the Wallflower?

What’s inside the Wallflower?

Step into the sophisticated charm of our Bridgerton-inspired box, the “Wallflower.” This month’s collection of drinks beckons you to indulge in a fusion of lime, yuzu, and pineapple, complemented by spicy notes of datil pepper & cardamom. We’re excited to include a full bottle of Ceder’s Wild non-alcoholic spirit for you to explore in this month’s drinks and beyond. Ready for an exquisite soirée for your taste buds? Let’s dive into the ingredients that make up this month’s box.

Ceder’s Wild

Introducing Ceder’s Wild, a non-alcoholic spirit with a playful kick and a rich flavor profile. Infused with a harmonious blend of clove, juniper, oak, and ginger, it offers a refined taste experience. With 0% alcohol and 0 sugar, it brings complexity to the table without compromise, ideal for your zero-proof journey. 

OJOY Sauvignon Blanc

OJOY Sauvignon Blanc is a fine dealcoholized wine. If you’re not exactly sure what that means, dealcoholized wine begins as standard wine and then undergoes a process to lower the alcohol content. So, OJOY is crafted from 100% authentic California wine. At just 15 calories per serving, OJOY boasts a fresh, crisp flavor profile, highlighted by notes of apricot, black currant, and citrus. OJOY also prioritizes sustainability with recyclable packaging and convenient cans, making it perfect for enjoying literally anywhere. 

AVEC Yuzu & Lime

Here’s another versatile mixer from AVEC that’s perfect on its own or mixed with your favorite drinks. Infused with yuzu, citrus, and lemongrass, it offers a fresh, delightful, and citrusy blend. With 0 calories and 0 sugar, it’s crafted from real juice and all-natural ingredients. What sets AVEC apart is their commitment to real, body-friendly ingredients and their dedication to the environment, using locally made, recycled aluminum cans from Brooklyn. 

Woodster Datil Pepper Bitters

Introducing Woodster Datil Pepper Bitters, a glycerine-based concoction crafted with care using fresh ingredients. Datil peppers are small, hot peppers that are a variety of the yellow lantern chili – meaning it packs a punch, so be mindful before you add to your drinks! 

Royal Rose Cardamom Clove Syrup

Experience the distinct flavor of Royal Rose Cardamom Syrup, an organic simple syrup crafted with a commitment to quality. Handcrafted in Maine, this syrup is certified organic and produced in small batches. Looking for ideas beyond the box? While it’s delightful in spiced chai or NA old-fashioned, don’t hesitate to explore its culinary versatility by incorporating it into your favorite baked treats.

In this month’s box, you’ll also find pineapple juice, lime juice, pineapple drink charms, and an OJOY silicone wine tumbler to enhance your cocktail-making adventures. Don’t forget to enjoy our monthly curated playlist while you mix and sip. For a perfect pairing, why not enjoy your cocktails while watching the new season of Bridgerton? Subscribe now before Wallflower runs out!