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Golden Hour Box Recap

Our August box was inspired by Golden Hour, that magical time in late summer when you can step outside and feel yourself bathed by warm light just as the cool evening begins to roll in. For each drink in this box, we wanted to capture that same feeling. That’s why we chose ingredients filled with warmth and sweetness that embody Golden Hour in a glass! 

Our featured ingredient this month is Wilderton Lustre, a botanical with notes of bitter orange peel, tarragon, lavender, bergamot, rose, and lemongrass – just to name a few. The end result is a crisp and tangy spirit that basically tastes like sunshine in a glass. You can learn more about Wilderton in our spotlight here.

We’re also excited to feature Avec’s Ginger Mixer. Inspired by Jamaican ginger beer, Avec’s low-sugar recipe combines pineapple juice and plenty of spice for a punchy, bright taste that livens up every recipe. 

Emily G’s Peach Marmalade is another highlight of the box. It’s a fun twist on a traditional marmalade, mixing orange and peach with a kick of ginger. Plus, it comes in a super cute reusable jar. 

At Raising the Bar, we believe that nothing pulls a drink together like a drop of bitters. This month, we were happy to include Woodster Smoked Orange Bitters in our box. Woodster’s recipe has the perfect blend of sweetness and smokiness to add depth to any cocktail. 

The Wild Hibiscus Flower Co. Butterfly Pea Tea is one of the most exciting ingredients in this month’s box. It’s a mild, floral tea with an intense blue color – but when you add a little bit of lemon juice, something truly magical happens. The tea changes from blue to bright purple in a matter of seconds!

We also included Royal Rose Organic Maine Blueberry Syrup, which pairs beautifully with the tea. Handmade in small batches from locally grown organic blueberries, this syrup is smooth and richly flavored without tasting overwhelmingly sweet. 
The Golden Hour includes four unique recipes using these ingredients. So mix yourself a drink, step outside, and enjoy the most magical time of day.