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What’s inside the Wolf Moon?

What’s inside the Wolf Moon?

As we welcome January’s full moon, also known as the Wolf Moon, we invite you to join in on this month’s alcohol-free adventures, aligning effortlessly with the spirit of Dry January – an excellent time for mindful sipping and a month-long journey of self-discovery. This month’s box features three distinctive drinks, infused with notes of caramel, oak, ginger, apple, and more. Now, let’s delve into the delicious ingredients that make up Wolf Moon.

Spiritless Kentucky 74

Lauren, Abbie, and Lexie—entrepreneurs, storytellers, and mothers—are the driving force behind our first featured ingredient of the month, Spiritless’ Kentucky 74. This award-winning non-alcoholic bourbon boasts notes of caramel, vanilla, and oak, standing out with its innovative production method. Utilizing double distillation and the reintroduction of natural essence, Spiritless crafts a traditional flavor profile entirely free of alcohol, setting it apart from other brands.

AVEC Ginger

Our second featured ingredient of the month is AVEC Ginger, founded by friends Alex and Dee. AVEC Ginger redefines the art of mixing with its inspired take on ginger beer. This low-sugar, high-taste concoction proves that mixers can be both delectable and mindful, prioritizing better ingredients for the modern drinker.

SAYSO Old Fashioned Sachets

SAYSO, co-founded by Alison & Chloe, continues to make waves with its cocktail tea bags. The Old Fashioned Sachet, a low-calorie and low-sugar delight, brings innovation to home mixology with its blend of all-natural gentian root, cinchona bark, and orange. Enjoy it in this month’s drink, Howl.

Maven Table Apple Cranberry Smash

Founded by nutritionists and cocktail herbalists Rachel and Kaleena, Maven Table was created with a focus on prioritizing your well-being in all their offerings. Crafted with health-conscious ingredients, Maven Table’s Apple Cranberry Smash is a testament to guilt-free mixology. This cocktail mixer, infused with high-quality balsamic vinegars, offers a natural probiotic kick and zero added sugar – a celebration of flavor without compromise.

Dardiman’s Dried Apple

Dardiman’s Dried Apple ensures a crispy and snap-able experience with its thinly sliced apples, handpicked exclusively from California orchards. Garnish the Wolf Moon with a dried apple using the cocktail clips provided in the box for a sophisticated touch.

Teatulia Vanilla Rooibos Tea

Teatulia’s Vanilla Rooibos Tea collaborates closely with Kentucky 74 in our Howl cocktail, creating a balanced blend with sweet hints of vanilla bean. Sourced from a Denver-based, Bangladeshi-grown organic tea company, this regenerative and self-sustaining brand prioritizes the environment, people, and taste.

JONI Rouge Sparkling Verjus

Introducing the star of our Nightcap cocktail, JONI Rouge Sparkling Verjus—an innovative beverage reshaping the verjus experience. Crafted from grapes picked before harvest, JONI pays homage to timeless and repurposed ingredients, revealing a blend of warm, earthy notes like allspice and cardamom that complement the naturally crisp and tart character of verjus. JONI transcends being a mere substitute; it’s a celebration of verjus—a traditionally overlooked elixir that has woven its way through culinary traditions for centuries. What distinguishes JONI is its inventive approach, granting you the flexibility to determine how you indulge.

Wolf Moon makes for an ideal companion during Dry January, providing unique flavors where each sip reflects intentional choices, creativity, and personal exploration. From Spiritless Kentucky 74’s innovative approach to Maven Table’s health-conscious mixers, this thoughtfully curated experience showcases a diverse array of non-alcoholic options. Subscribe now to savor the first box of the year.