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Celebrating Sober Black History Month

February is here, which means that it’s Black History Month! This month serves as a designated time to shine a spotlight on the contributions and achievements of Black Americans. One of the most direct ways that we can do that is by supporting Black-owned businesses, which is easy to do when so many innovations within the zero-proof community have been spearheaded by Black entrepreneurs. Here are just a few of the incredible businesses that we can support this month. 

Mocktail Club is an RTB favorite. They create premium, ready-to-drink cocktails inspired by global travel. The brand was founded by Pauline Idogho, who said that she wanted to include “bold and daring flavors that are typically not found in non-alcoholic beverages”such as cardamom, chili peppers, and lemongrass. Mocktail Club drinks are truly delicious, and by supporting them, you can know that your money is going towards a good cause. For each can purchased, Mocktail Club donates to Water for People to provide clean water access in developing nations. Keep an eye out for Mocktail Club drinks coming up in our March 2023 box! 

Another great ready-to-drink option comes from Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel. Nzinga Knight started this brand with the goal of sharing her father’s sorrel recipe with the world and “carrying the tradition of delicious naturally good festive Caribbean drinks forward by creating authentic Sorrel, mocktail style”. Sorrel is a Caribbean hibiscus-spiced beverage with all the complexity and flavor of a good cocktail, and none of the alcohol. Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel also implements a buy + give charity effort, so proceeds from each purchase go directly back to the community that created it. 

Sober Black Girls Club is a community designed to share resources and inspiration for Black women, femmes, and nonbinary folks. The group was founded by Khadi Oluwatoyin, with the goal of normalizing open and honest discussions about addiction among Black women, and supporting them as they find a path to sobriety that suits them best. Sober Black Girls Club offers frequent meetings, events, and resources for people at every stage of their sobriety journey. They can be supported through donations on their website. 

If you’re near New Orleans, you have to check out Sober Bar Babe is a mobile sober bar. Created by Rhadell Green in 2018, this business offers zero-proof drinks, snacks, and items from local brands. She’s been credited with keeping the spirit of New Orleans culture alive by educating customers on the city’s rich history, while also providing a much-needed respite from the heavy emphasis on drinking in the area’s nightlife. You can find her at the Armstrong Park Arch in New Orleans from Thursday-Sunday 12-6pm. 

These are just a few of the many Black-owned businesses helping to grow the sober movement. To learn more, check out our past blog from Black Business Month 2022.