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What’s inside the Siren Song?

Check out this month’s box, the “Siren Song.” It’s a treasure trove of ingredients that combine our favorite flavors of late summer and early fall. This month’s signature drink is a captivating concoction that combines Pentire Adrift’s herbaceous charm with delightful notes of honeycrisp apple and lemon. Each sip of this intriguing elixir draws you in, much like the irresistible pull of a siren’s song. Allow the flavors to serenade your senses as you embark on a journey of captivating zero-proof imbibing.

Pentire Adrift

September’s featured ingredient is Pentire Adrift. Inspired by the unique native plants of the U.K. coastline, Adrift is a fresh and herbaceous zero-proof spirit comparable to gin. It features botanicals including Rock Samphire, Sage, Pentire Plant Blend, Lemon Citrus, and Cornish Sea Salt. Enjoy a full bottle in this month’s box!

Siren Shrub Honeycrisp Sparkling Shrub

Our friends at Siren Shrubs mixed their famous Honeycrisp shrub with the perfect amount of water and carbonation to create a crisp and refreshing redux of apple cider. It’s great on its own as a ready-to-drink option or combined with this month’s other ingredients as a mocktail mixer.  

Avec Grapefruit & Pomelo 

Inspired by the classic Paloma, this Avec mixer combines two members of the grapefruit family – ruby and pomelo – and blends them with a hint of black pepper and vanilla for a totally modern take on a well-loved recipe. Satisfyingly tart and low in sugar, this is sure to be a new staple on your bar cart. 

Portland Syrups Meyer Lemon Syrup

This focused, intense Meyer Lemon Syrup is crafted with fresh Meyer Lemon and Lemon Pureés to capture the peak seasonal flavors of both fruits. Each bottle of Portland Syrup is brewed by hand in Oregon with seasonally selected whole ingredients and natural sweeteners. Their syrups feature 40% less sugar than a typical mixer, yet are carefully formulated to have stronger flavor per serving.

Smith’s Golden Light Tea

The gold standard of turmeric teas, this richly vibrant infusion is filled with feelings of sweet well-being, activated by black pepper, lemon, cardamom, and smooth sarsaparilla. All organically delicious—and good for you, as well. 

Dardiman’s Crispy Apple Slices

Hand-picked exclusively from California orchards, these naturally-dried apple slices are packed with authentic flavor. They make the perfect finishing touch for this month’s recipes. Just garnish the edge of your glass with one and enjoy! 

This month’s box also comes with a citrus reamer so you can enjoy fresh-squeezed lemon and grapefruit in your cocktails. August’s box sold out fast, so don’t wait to order this month. Subscribe now to get the “Siren Song” and start mixing.