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What’s Inside “Havana Nights?”

Our March box, “Havana Nights” has everything you need to get you in the mood for spring. Even if the weather outside is still chilly, these ingredients will instantly transport you to a tropical beach. With bright flavors of lime, coconut, and mint (plus a little spice, just for fun) you’ll have everything you need to make refreshing zero-proof cocktails all month long! 

Take a look at what “Havana Nights” has to offer!

Mocktail Club Havana Twist 

Our hero ingredient this month is the Havana Twist from Mocktail Club. It’s a ready-to-drink cocktail made with a tantalizing fusion of cool cucumber, fresh mint, and zesty lime with a hint of cardamom and cloves. This delightful combination of spices adds an intricate dimension to the refreshing blend of cucumber, mint, and lime. Perfect as is, on the rocks, with a splash of soda, or as a cocktail base in this month’s drinks.

Tait Farm Lime Mint Shrub

Since 1987, Tait Farms has been crafting artisan shrubs made by hand in small batches. What started as a way to use up a bumper crop of fresh raspberries grew into a booming shrub business, and today they make over 65 different specialty food products using locally grown produce. Their lime mint shrub is the perfect addition to this month’s recipes. Equal parts sweet and tart, it brings a depth of flavor to every cocktail. Use code HAVANNANIGHTS for 15% at https://www.taitfarmfoods.com/

Craftmix Mint Mojito 

Craftmix is an all-natural cocktail mix that comes in an easy-to-use dry blend made from real fruit juice. All you need to do is add the mix into your base, give it a good stir, and in seconds you’ll have a well-rounded and authentically flavored mojito ready to go! Head to their website and use code RAISINGTHEBAR for 30% off for new customers.

Coco Goods Pineapple Coconut Water

Pineapple coconut water from Coco Goods brings a splash of tropical flavor to our cocktails. Each carton is made with fresh pineapple juice and 100% natural coconut water from the single origin of Ben Tre, Vietnam. Plus, coconut water is especially hydrating and rich in electrolytes! 

Smith Fez Tea

This tea is an artisanally crafted blend of rare green teas from China combined with aromatic spearmint grown in the Pacific Northwest and a hint of lemon myrtle from Australia. The lemon and mint flavors compliment this month’s other ingredients beautifully, coming together to create refreshing cocktails. 


Tajin is a dry seasoning made from a blend of 100% natural chili peppers, lime & sea salt. It tastes good on literally everything, but we love it as a garnish for cocktails. Create a spicy salt rim, or combine it with your Craftmix for a little extra heat. 

Dardiman’s California Pineapple 

Dardiman’s Pineapple Crisps are the cherry (er, pineapple) on top of this month’s cocktails. By maintaining the integrity of fresh pineapple in its color, aroma, and flavor, Dardimans slices are as close to the fresh fruit as possible. They make an excellent garnish, especially paired with a lime wedge of a sprig of mint.