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Drink Jøyus – Elevating Any Occasion

Our June box, the “Blackberry Beret”, is all about sophisticated, celebratory flavors. There’s no better way to capture the feeling of enjoying a summer day than with this month’s feature ingredient, a bottle of Jøyus alcohol-free sparkling chardonnay. 

Jøyus Wines was created by Jessica Selander, who was tired of settling for sodas and sparkling apple ciders after over a decade of sobriety. Her goal was to create a new option for people who weren’t interested in alcohol, but still wanted to enjoy an adult beverage with the same great taste as wine – and she nailed it. In fact, Jøyus Wines are so good that they’ve won multiple awards in the wine space, and were ranked higher than their alcoholic counterparts during a blind taste test. 

To do this, Selander had to break wine down to the molecular level. She collaborated with wine experts and scientists to remove the alcohol while still maintaining the classic flavor and body that wine fans enjoy. The result is a crisp, fragrant wine that anyone can enjoy. 

If you’re interested in trying out Jøyus, our June box features four delicious recipes that highlight the wine. Subscribe by 6/25 and get Blackberry Beret as your first box! 

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