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Crescent Simples – Apple Spice Simple Syrup

Our September box “The Alchemist” was inspired by the beginning of Autumn, and the beauty of changing seasons. No matter how many times you see it, there’s always a sense of wonder and excitement as you watch the first leaves of the season shift from green to gold. We wanted to capture that feeling with each of our September zero-proof cocktails, featuring the Apple Spice Simple Syrup from Crescent Simples. 

Crescent Simples was founded by Megan and Bill, two bartenders from New Orleans. Inspired by their passion for mixology and the lack of exciting cocktail products available, they began making their own syrups and selling them at local farmer’s markets. From there, they grew their at-home business into a brand, while still holding onto the qualities that make their syrups unique. Each bottle of Crescent Simples is created with high-quality, fresh ingredients and exciting flavors that help to elevate cocktails, whether you’re a home mixologist or a career bartender. 

Their Apple Spice Simple Syrup is the perfect fall staple. Made from fresh apples from Central Virginia Crown Orchards, whole cinnamon sticks, nutmeg, cloves, and a little bit of lemon, the syrup has just the right balance of sweetness and spice. It feels like eating an apple pie in front of a crackling fireplace. It’s also versatile enough that it can be enjoyed in a zero-proof cocktail or added to a cup of coffee, and even baked into your own apple pie! Raising the Bar friend can use code RTB10 for 10% off their full order at https://crescentsimples.com/.