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Sober October

What is Sober October? Like Dry January, or Dry July, it’s an opportunity to get intentional and mindful of why and how you consume alcohol. Join friends or an online community for a month off the sauce and see how it feels! Many experience higher quality sleep, increased energy, and more time for hobbies and activities.

A few tips to get ready for Sober October:

  • Check our our free digital download for our first year of Raising the Bar recipes! Sign up for our email list by scrolling to the bottom of this page and entering your email address, if you aren’t already signed up and you will receive a link to download!
  • Replace your cocktail, glass of wine or beer for an alcohol-free version! The landscape of alcohol-free beverages is more broad than ever, with an incredible array of delicious and innovative options. Our current faves are Noughty alcohol-free champagneMocktail Club bottled mocktails, and Woodland Farms alcohol-free beers. (And, of course, any Raising the Bar zero-proof kits. 😉)
  • Grab a pal or two who will commit to going Dry for the month with you! It’s easier and more fun when you’re in good company. Hell, you could even throw a Sober October cocktail party and go all out with some booze-free bevvies. Check out our recipe for alcohol-free Autumn Sangria – perfect for a crowd!
  • Consider keeping a short journal to document your experience – what has been hard about cutting out the booze? What has pleasantly surprised you?
  • Check out this article from Healthline on Sober October – they do a great job of going through the benefits of a month without booze.

Who knows, you may find you don’t miss it at all – or you may find it’s a big challenge, which could indicate it might be time to really evaluate the role alcohol plays in your life and any long-term changes you may want to make.

Are you ready for Sober October? Reserve your October Raising the Bar kit now! These ship out October 15th.