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Getting Ready for Sober October

Over the past few years, sober months have popped up as a fun, low-commitment way to try out a zero-proof lifestyle. Challenges like Dry January, Dry July, and Sober October encourage people to reassess their drinking habits without the stress of quitting cold turkey. And with October quickly approaching, we wanted to give a quick crash course on how you can join in on this year’s #SoberOctober challenge!

There are tons of benefits to cutting back on alcohol consumption. On top of saving your liver a lot of hard work, a sober lifestyle is proven to cause reduced levels, healthier skin, better sleep, and improved concentration. Removing alcohol from your diet can also help lower your risk of developing certain cancers. 

Before you jump into Sober October, try to consider what you’re currently getting out of your relationship with alcohol. If you’re a casual drinker, it may be easy to sub out your usual drink of choice for a non-alcoholic beverage. On the other hand, if you’re someone who uses alcohol to socialize, facilitate sleep, or manage anxiety, you might find it a little more challenging. Here are a few tips on how to get the most out of Sober October:

Try a New Habit

Is there something you’ve been wanting to try? Taking a break from alcohol frees up a lot of time and money, and Sober October is a great opportunity to invest some of that in a new hobby!  Maybe you’ve been meaning to read more, or there’s a cooking class you’ve been thinking about taking. Or, if you’re struggling with sticking to your sobriety plan, exercise and meditation are two healthy habits that can help manage alcohol cravings.  

Reward Yourself

We’ve all seen how often alcohol is used as a shorthand for self-care, but there are plenty of ways to treat yourself besides pouring a glass of wine. Sober October is the perfect time to reflect on what makes you happy, and find little ways to brighten your day. And if you’re looking for motivation, you can plan to reward yourself with something you’ve been wanting after you meet your sobriety goal. 

Make it a Group Activity 

Sobriety is always easier when you know that you’re not alone. Talk to your friends or family to see if anyone would be interested in joining the challenge with you, or look to the internet for community. There are countless resources to fit whatever your sober journey looks like. 

Online communities like Sober Girl SocietySober Black Girls Club, and r/SoberCurious provide resources and discussions surrounding sobriety – both the struggles and the benefits that come with it. 

You could also look to educational resources including books and podcasts. “Sober Curious” by Ruby Warrington is a great place to look for inspiration and the Sober Vibes podcast tackles the realities of a sober lifestyle with honesty and humor. 

And if you’re not sure where to start, try our Facebook group, where you can connect with others and find resources to help you get started! 

Stock the Barcart

Finally, if you’re committed to trying out a Sober October, stock up on all the essentials to make sure you have something delicious and alcohol-free to enjoy when you find yourself wanting a drink. We have a limited number of zero-proof cocktail kits in stock, or you could check out our monthly subscription so you’re never at a loss for something seasonal and beautiful to enjoy!