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Why You Need a Zero-Proof Cocktail Hour on Your Wedding Day

For decades, drinking has been considered an integral part of weddings. Guests are expected to socialize around the bar, and make toasts with a glass of champagne in hand. Sodas or shirley temples might be available for younger guests, but overall, alcohol is a huge part of celebration. But what option does that leave for guests who chose not to drink? 

Right now, the dry and sober curious movements are gaining momentum. More people are reconsidering their relationship with alcohol, and many of them are deciding that they don’t want to return to drinking. This can make events like weddings particularly stressful. Even if other guests aren’t pressuring them to drink, there’s an unspoken expectation that they should be joining in on the “fun” by enjoying a beer or the event’s “signature cocktail.” That kind of pressure can really sour an event that’s meant to be joyful. 

Luckily, there are tons of amazing options for alcohol-free drinks on the market these days. These drinks go beyond sodas and seltzers, into zero-proof beer, wine, and spirits that feel right at home on a drink menu. Just by offering these choices alongside traditional bar options, you can make your wedding a safer and more inclusive event for everyone. 

A zero-proof happy hour is also a great idea. Not only does this normalize the idea of enjoying drinks without the added alcohol, but it also gives everyone on your guest list a chance to pause their drinking and focus more on the festivities. You can offer a signature alcohol-free cocktail, or open up the bar to other dry drinks. A dry happy hour can a sense of inclusivity in your party. It also allows guests who do choose to drink a designated time to take a break, which might help you avoid some sloppy wedding toasts later that night.!

Ultimately, weddings are about coming together and sharing joyful moments with the people you love. While alcohol is one way to do that, it’s certainly not the only way. Going alcohol-free, even for an hour, provides a sense of mindfulness while setting an intentional tone of celebration and connection.

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