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What’s Inside The Luminary?

This November, gear up for an incredible batch sangria recipe that’s all about bringing friends and family together. Luminary presents an opportunity to unwind, connect, and cherish every moment of the season. As a classic addition, we’ve included a delightful espresso martini recipe, ensuring a sweet, rich and smooth cocktail for your enjoyment. Now, let’s talk a little bit about these amazing ingredients.

Wood Stove Kitchen Glitter Sangria Mixer

Wood Stove Kitchen’s Glitter Sangria Mixer stands out with its tantalizing blend of tangerine, strawberry, and peach flavors, combined with a magical touch of edible glitter. Subscribers receive a whole bottle of this exceptional mix, ideal for infusing a fruity twist into your favorite recipes. Additionally, Wood Stove Kitchen’s commitment to eco-friendly practices and support for local sourcing adds an extra sparkle to this delightful concoction.

FRE Red Wine

The FRE Red Wine, an alcohol-removed Red Blend, is a deep ruby-red wine with ripe black cherry aromas and a smooth palate enriched with vibrant fruit notes. Whether you’re unwinding midweek or planning a holiday get-together, this full bottle of Fre’s alcohol-free wines promises an exceptional experience, rich in nuanced characteristics and perfect for daily enjoyment.

Sarilla Sparkling Vanilla Rooibus Infusion

Sarilla’s Sparkling Vanilla Rooibos Infusion offers a unique, alcohol-free delight crafted by entrepreneur and global activist, Sara Stender Delaney. Inspired by South African “red tea,” this lightly carbonated and unsweetened option brings a refreshing taste and delightful flavors of honey and vanilla, guilt-free and with zero calories.

Dardiman’s Blood Orange and Mandarin Slices

Discover Dardiman’s Blood Orange and Mandarin Slices—an infusion of raspberry and plum notes found in hand-picked California oranges. Mixing these vibrant slices into a punch bowl with our Luminary ingredients will amplify the flavor of this delectable recipe.

Craftmix Espresso Martini

Experience the Craftmix Espresso Martini, a real fruit juice powder blend that’s low in sugar, dairy-free, and fat-free while offering the bold taste you desire in an espresso martini. Enjoy guilt-free sips without sacrificing flavor. Pair it with your favorite non-alcoholic spirit to savor this timeless beverage.

This month’s box encourages you to personalize these creations: intensify sweetness with more sangria mix, add a zesty touch with fresh lemon juice, or enjoy the pick-me-up of an espresso martini. And, it includes a stylish rose-gold spoon to enhance your cocktail accessory collection! Additionally, we’ve curated a special playlist to amplify your happy hour. Don’t miss out—subscribe now to enjoy The Luminary.

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