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What’s inside the Heatwave?

We adore a good slow-sipper, especially as the weather warms up. When it comes to quenching your thirst on scorching summer days nothing beats the classic shandy. That’s why our June box, the Heatwave, comes packed full of everything you need to craft the perfect alc-free shandy and other unique recipes that will keep you cool all season long. Let’s take a look at what comes in the Heatwave. 

Rightside Brewing Beer

The Heatwave box comes with two cans of Rightside Brewing’s best-selling non-alcoholic Citrus Wheat beer. This brew tastes like summer, with a tropical aroma, notes of fresh tangerine juice, banana, and a hint of spice to tie it all together. Mix it into our citrus shandy recipe, or crack open a can and enjoy it on its own!

Portland Syrups Ginger syrup

This premium, small-batch ginger syrup has a serious kick. Brewed with mountains of whole fresh ginger root and Japanese chillies, it’s a flavorful, smooth, and intense addition to your cocktails. 

Element Shrub Ginger Lime Shrub

Made with fresh ginger root and a hint of fresh lime, this apple cider shrub has exactly the ginger spice you would expect to cure all that ails you, with a pleasant, sweet finish. It’s also incredibly delicious, racking up multiple awards for its great flavor. 

Sacred Plant Co Hops Flowers

Meticulously processed and packaged in small, precisely managed batches, Sacred Plant Co.’s dried hops flowers are a beautiful and unique way to garnish your cocktails. The plant is renowned not only for its role in beer brewing but also for its potential therapeutic uses. It’s even said to promote relaxation and restful sleep.

African Bronze Hot Honey

Hot but not too hot, this honey is crafted with organic raw forest honey and infused with hot pickled peppers. It’s the exact right blend of spicy and sweet, and gives this month’s cocktails an unexpected complexity. It also makes a great addition to a charcuterie board to pair with your drinks! 

Q Club Soda

A staple in any home bar, this classic club soda from Q Mixers is a great item to have on hand. Q guarantees that their club soda has as much carbonation as the can will hold, plus a dash of Himalayan salt to enhance the taste of everything it’s mixed with. It makes a great cocktail base and really highlights the other ingredients featured in this month’s box. 

On top of all of that, the Heatwave also comes with lime juice perfect for mixing into recipes, and two can covers to keep your drinks from going flat. Don’t wait to order this fantastic line-up of ingredients.