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Tips on How to Make Mocktails with Things You Have at Home

You never know when the mood for a mocktail is going to strike. While it can be fun to plan recipes ahead of time, sometimes you decide that you just need a little pick-me-up, and you don’t want to be stuck running to the grocery store to pick out half a dozen obscure ingredients (seriously, where do you even find activated charcoal?). As connoisseurs of fine mocktails, Raising the Bar is familiar with that dilemma – so, we decided to put together this helpful guide to crafting a delicious, alcohol-free drink with ingredients you might already have at home. 

Alcohol-Free Spirits and Teas

A good mocktail needs a strong foundation. Zero-proof spirits and teas both make fantastic bases that you can easily enhance with whatever ingredients you have on hand. For instance, black tea can add a robust smokiness to a drink like this black tea sour. When we’re crafting our monthly recipes, we take into account the season and occasion where people will be enjoying the drink. If you’re having a cozy night in, you might want to go with a zero-proof whiskey, like this one from Ritual. Alternatively, if you’re planning to spend the afternoon sipping mocktails in your garden, you could opt for a refreshing iced herbal tea. 

Tonics, Bitters, and Syrups

Once you have the base of your mocktail, you’ll want to start building on it. Tonics, bitters, and cordials can all add complexity to a drink – which is why Raising the Bar makes sure to include them in every box. But if you’ve run out of our monthly ingredients, there are still plenty of pantry staples that you can add to your drink. Honey and maple syrup bring depth and a touch of sweetness to a drink, while fresh citrus or vinegars can create an exciting tartness that really enhances the flavors in your base. 

Juices, Mixers, and Carbonation 

To top it all off, take a look around your kitchen to see what mixers you have available. If you want a bold flavor to round out your mocktail, you could go with a fruit juice or soda. If you’re looking for something more understated that will really enhance the ingredients you’ve already added, a plain seltzer or coconut water would be perfect. 

But really, the most important part of mocktail mixology is creating something that you’ll enjoy, and the only limit is your imagination. So get creative with the ingredients you have on hand, or check out some of the recipes on our blog for inspiration!

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