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Navigating the Holidays Alcohol-Free

The holidays are a time of togetherness, celebration, and joy – at least, they’re supposed to be. For those of us staying sober, holiday cheer isn’t always enough to cancel out the anxiety that comes from being surrounded by alcohol at every gathering.

Here are a few simple tips for entering into the holiday season prepared:

Bring Your Own Bottle

The easiest solution is to bring your own bevvies to the next function. This way, you can avoid any pre-party jitters over what to drink because you’ll already know that there will be something on the table for you. This can also have the added benefit of introducing other guests to NA options. Then maybe at the next party, other people will bring even more zero-proof drinks to share.

Get Creative!

Less alcohol doesn’t have to mean less fun! The holidays are a great time to introduce friends and family to new recipes. You could put together a zero-proof punch for your next big gathering, or mix up some non-alcoholic cocktails during a dinner party. The key is to highlight all the great parts of the drink, instead of what they lack. If you hand someone a delicious, hand-crafted drink, their focus is going to be on how much they’re enjoying it, not on how they wish it had booze.

Don’t Let FOMO Get To You

It can be difficult to see people enjoying themselves with alcohol when you’re trying to keep your distance from it. You just have to remember that the alcohol isn’t what’s making these moments special. Champagne isn’t what makes a holiday toast. The real joy comes from spending time with the people you love – especially when you’re doing so with a clear head. Once you let go of the expectation that these moments require alcohol, it’s easier not to worry about what you choose to put in your cup. And if all else fails, just imagine how much happier you’re going to be tomorrow when you wake up without a hangover!

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