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5 Easy Halloween Garnishes

We love finding creative ways to elevate our drinks, and there’s no time of year that scares up inspiration like Halloween. Whether you’re planning a ghoulish get-together or just looking for something to sip as you hand out candy, we’ve got you covered with frightfully good garnishes for every drink. 



Lychee Eyeballs



One of our favorite Halloween garnishes is a pair of freshly plucked lychee eyeballs. Lychee is a delicate and fleshy fruit that already slightly resembles an eye. They’re often packaged with their seeds removed, so all you have to do is fill the pit with a little bit of fruit preserve (we recommend raspberry or cherry for optimal bloodiness) and a small blueberry to serve as a pupil, and you have an eerily accurate edible eyeball. Stick a skewer through one or two and serve with your drink of choice – if you dare. 



Dry Ice



Dry ice is another Halloween classic. It’s easily available in many grocery and party stores, and can quickly elevate a drink from regular party fare to something straight out of a mad scientist’s lab. Place a block of dry ice in a cauldron of punch for a bubbling witch’s brew, or break off chunks and add to individual drinks to fill the room with swirling smoke as guests socialize. We recommend using a straw for any drinks that include dry ice. (Even though it’s food-safe, swallowing an entire cube could lead to injury, and that is not the kind of horror we’re looking for this Halloween!)



Syrup “Blood”



Calling all vampires! If you’ve ever wanted to feel like you’re sipping a goblet of blood in an opulent Transylvanian castle, then we’ve got the garnish for you. Just drizzle grenadine or any other red syrup around the rim of a glass to make it look like it’s dripping blood. Add some red sanding sugar for a little extra flair, or if you’re looking for something really creepy, you could even turn your drink into a portable blood bag for an eerie, Dracula-approved take on a juice box. 



Creepy Ice Cubes



Ice cubes are one of the simplest and most effective ways to add personality to a drink. Add any Halloween items you like to an ice cube tray – we recommend plastic spiders, “bloody” masked raspberries, and candy corn – and freeze them overnight so they’re ready when your guests arrive. As they sip their drinks, the ice will slowly melt and reveal the treats you’ve hidden inside! 



Chili Pepper Horns



Chili pepper horns are a devilishly fun way to add a little heat to your drink. Because of their striking red color and distinctive curved shape, it doesn’t take much to turn two chili peppers into a pair of devil horns. All you have to do is cut off the stems and make a small incision on the bottom of the pepper, then place one on either side of your glass. This pairs especially well with a spicy mocktail, like our zero-proof take on a jalapeno margarita, the “Ghost Town.” 



Cheers, and happy Halloween!